Changelog History

Changes from 09.07.2024

Lord Windgrace is banned as Commander
a lands deck has by definition less attack vectors. With its -3 ability Lord Windgrace automatically pays its commander taxes. That makes it really hard to counter any deck strategy by opponents, implemented with Lord Windgrace.
Nadu, Winged Wisdom is banned as Commander
the ability of Nadu counts every creature and leads to explosive turns when triggered multiple times each turn.

Changes from 27.03.2024

In a Multiplayer game constantly untapping 2 mana of your allies to accellerate thier play is to powerful.

Changes from 03.10.2023

Akroma's Will is banned
Can single-handedly win the game as it provides too much burst damage paired with strong protection. This combined in one card offers strong flexibility offensively and defensively.
Ancient Tomb is banned
Only fast mana land “without” disadvantages. This card is in the same classification as fast mana artifact like Sol Ring. The impact of the two damage is to insignificant especially in the early game in the HG2 constellation.

Changes from 29.09.2023

Ignite Memories is banned
Mind's Desire is banned
Acererak the Archlich is banned as Commander
Acererak as a Commander strongly emphasises combos to finish the game. There are many card combos possible with this card. Because the Dungeon mechanics cannot be efficient interrupted makes this so consistent.

Storm Cards:

In a multiplayer setup like 2HG it is to easy to increase the storm-count, therefore most of the storm cards become to strong and favours combo decks that only needs their team members to play spells regardless of the effects.

Changes from 07.03.2023

This card generate to explosive mana in a primary green colored deck.
Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary is unbanned as Commander
The static ability and the fact that a indestructable enchantment is very hard to remove makes this card to good in every token deck playing a lot of token generation.
Purphoros, God of the Forge is unbanned as Commander

Changes from 01.01.2023

The card effect scales to much in the late game, leaving the opponents only the choice of sacrificing their board or losing the game by live loss.
Life from the Loam off watch list
Expropriate is banned
In a multiplayer game this card offers to much value no matter what all players choose.

Changes from 21.08.2022

Hullbreacher is banned
Mimic Vat is unbanned
Kenrith, the Returned King is banned as Commander

Changes from 26.09.2021

Changes from 04.07.2021

Jeweled Lotus is banned

Changes from 01.10.2020

Dragonstorm is banned

Changes from 01.09.2019

Paradox Engine is banned
Mana Crypt is banned
Mana Vault is banned
Sol Ring is banned

Changes from 01.08.2017

Mana Crypt is unbanned
Mana Vault is unbanned
Sol Ring is unbanned

Changes from 24.08.2016

Purphoros, God of the Forge is banned as Commander
Xenagos, God of Revels is banned as Commander

Changes from 09.03.2015

Chaos Orb is banned
Falling Star is banned

Changes from 16.02.2015

Changes from 22.09.2014

Primeval Titan is banned
Sundering Titan is banned
Trade Secrets is banned

Changes from 10.02.2014

Back to Basics is banned
Natural Order is banned
Winter Orb is banned

Changes from 01.07.2013

Edric, Spymaster of Trest is banned as Commander
Bribery is banned
Hermit Druid is banned
Staff of Domination is unbanned

Changes from 16.03.2013

Griselbrand is banned
Serra Ascendant is banned
Mindslaver is banned

Changes from 01.12.2012

Necropotence is banned
Primeval Titan on watch list
Birthing Pod on watch list

Changes from 01.10.2012

Mimic Vat is banned
Worldfire is banned
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